When I opened the box I was disappointed at how small a roll of tape I had bought.

But when I first found a use for it, I became a believer. This stuff is great to have around.

I have a leaky irrigation hose. I could either make a project of digging it up and replacing it, or I could patch it if I could find a patch method that would work easily. A short length of this tape, stretched and wrapped around the hose while it was spraying water, fixed the problem in a couple of minutes instead of a couple of hours. The patch has held up through several days worth of two hours’ irrigation daily, and it’s looking solid. I’m glad to to have the rest of the roll on hand for the future.

Isermal Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape is not a film with separate adhesive; it seems to be a homogeneous stretchy substance that melds to itself. So when you stretch it thin and wrap it around something, the layers fuse together and it becomes like a band around the thing you’ve wrapped. For shipping and storage, the tape is separated by layers of an ordinary plastic film; that’s why the roll you see photographed looks like it has wrinkled edges. The separating film is much wider than the actual rescue tape itself, presumably to keep the rescue tape effectively separated from the next layer of it.