The time it takes to turn off the flow can result in unnecessary water damage. Isermal Silicone Self-fusing Rubber Tape  has the strength and fusion to stop a relatively high pressure leak in full flow!
Solder joints, push fit connectors, waste pipes and hoses, can all start to leak with age, movement, or extreme weather. Sometimes making a repair is difficult, but Isermal gives an easy solution even for a novice.

When repairing a leak with Isermal Silicone Self-fusing Rubber Tape  do the following:

1. Remove sharp edges from the surface that could cut into the tape under tension – for best results ensure a smooth surface.
2. Apply tape at maximum tension (if the tape is not fully stretched while wrapping, the internal pressure may cause the applied wrap to expand and the repair to leak).
3. Wrap with 50% overlap, using the white line as a guide.
4. Start wrapping directly over the area to be sealed (or just off to one side if the water is flowing).
5. Wrap over the leak until the flow of water is stopped.
6. Then progressively expand the wrapped area, wrapping back and forth. Continue until the total coverage is greater extend by a length equal to the diameter of the pipe, either side of the leak area.
7. Wrap a final layer with minimum tension. This layer increases the abrasion resistance of the repair.