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Getting the best self fusing silicone tape

Today I wandered into our local stores so that as always I proceeded to walk over the automotive section. You would be surprised a few of the strange but useful stuff you can discover in shops by strolling around the aisles. Much to my amazement I chanced upon an item that I never affecting there [...]

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The repair tape for quick emergency fixes

Originally developed for the military, this silicone based repair tape will be an essential for your tool box. It's self-fusing, and requires no adhesive since it only bonds to itself. Isermal Tape stretches to 3 times its length, conforms to irregular shapes easily, and withstands UV rays, acids and fuels. Won't melt to 500° F, so [...]

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isermal silicone self-fusing rubber tape unique system for woodwork clamping during glue drying

Self Bonding - Sticks to itself No adhesive left on raw or finished wood No damages to finishes Simplify wood gluing with this new clamp concept. Eliminate the need for special clamp designs, clamps that can damage the finish. isermal silicone self-fusing rubber tape secures wooden pieces during drying. No weak bonds or gaps from [...]

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Isermal Silicone Tapes

Silicone tapes are manufactured from cured silicone rubber, a type of elastomer that provides extended life and durability in its end use as a protective tape. It generally consists of a thin layer of silicone gel in order to make it fuse to itself (self-fusing), to form a permanent bond around any substance it is [...]

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Silicone Tape Is the Tape of Choice for Commercial Industries Industrial Sealants Provider – deVan Sealants

Isrmal Silicone Rubber Tape  the perfect commercial-grade silicone tape to use in your business. Silicone tape is used extensively in the automotive, aviation, military, and electrical/HVAC/refrigeration industries. As a B2B supplier to these and other industries, We can provide standard, OEM, and custom-formulated silicone tapes to assist your company in its daily operations. We can readily ship bulk and lot [...]

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9 Different Uses for Isermal Silicone Rubber Tape

Electrical Weatherproof Extension Cords Wire Harness Transformer Insulation Cable Management Coil Encapsulation Repair Damaged Wiring   Around the House Laptop Charger Cable Protection Patch a Vacuum Hose Primary Cable Insulation Bicycle and Wheelchair Handle Wraps Cable and Wire Organizer Cell Phone Charger Protection   Automotive Emergency Radiator Hose Patch Wire Harness Insulate Battery Terminals Steering [...]

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Repairing damaged telecommunications cable

If a telecommunications cable is damaged affecting a repair can incur considerable time and cost. Isermal Silicone Self-fusing Repair Tape can save a cable from being replaced, making it a low cost yet highly effective repair. Damage is normally accidental rather than due to age, however fixing a cable is always expensive. With development and growth [...]

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The Best Tape Ever

Don't know how I lived without it. I have used other Silicone self fusing tapes before and it is amazing. Wrapping without leaving the sticky goo adhesive behind. I finish handlebar tape with it and anything else that needs tape wrapped around on itself. I have used it to thicken handlebars and seatposts for mounting [...]

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Amazing stuff – I keep finding new uses for the Isermal Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape daily — a must have for anyone who repairs things

How did I go so many years without this stuff in my shop, or in my car, or in my backpack? Every day I think of new ways to use this stuff.... for instance, today - I was filling a small spray bottle with bug repellent for my backpack, and I was concerned about the [...]

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Isermal Self-fusing Silicone Rubber Tape Application 2

Pin hole leak repaired instantly! A pin hole leak threatened to shut-down the kitchens water until a replacement part could be arranged. Isermal Self-fusing Silicone Rubber Tape rescued us tonight. We installed top quality taps in our new kitchen, and when we turned the water back on there was a pin hole in one of [...]

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