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Your Stories, from the Edge: When Isabel Came To Town

Rescue Tape was again listed as a proven life-saver for boaters in the newest edition of Boat US, Your Stories from the Edge. Twelve Lessons That Could Save Your Life: 1. When a hurricane is forming, assume it will change course several times as it approaches landfall. Do not wait; take evasive action immediately to secure [...]

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Hose Repair Tape For Emergency situations

It can be undoubtedly annoying watching dark smoke pouring out from through your hood and then realizing you might be stranded in the middle of traffic using a broken radiator hose. As you sit there hearing every one of the horns sounding behind you it is about time you wondered why you didn't pay attention [...]

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Have you require the unmistakable rubber tape for different application? Or then again do you ensure the business, where you require the mass rubber tape for settling the compartments and gatherings? On the off chance that you are here this interprets you are really requiring the self fusing silicone tape and beginning now and into [...]

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Isermal Silicone Tape for Dust Joints

No Clamps Needed! Attaches and seals dust hose! Sealing the joints in your dust collection system just got easier.Isermal Silicone Tape stretches and bonds to itself to make an air-tight seal for plastic and metal dust joints, ducts, tool grips and more. Connect and seal dust joints and accessories without clamps. Isermal Silicone Tape contains [...]

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Isermal Silicone Tape Gets You Out of Nearly Any Bind

Isermal Silicone Rescue Tape is kind of like a Fruit Roll Up, in the sense that it’s stretchy, sticks only to itself, and can withstand a ton of heat, electricity, and pressure. Duct tape is good for a great many things, but if you’re sick of the sticky, messy hassle, Isermal Silicone Rescue Tape is [...]

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A New Idea and Choice for pipe, hose, plumbing, duct repair

Through the years, we have been using glue, sealant, grout, electric welding to repair broken pipe, hose with leakage, plumbing with holes, cracking ducts. 12 years ago, ISERMAL started to learn there’s a new idea for repairing. It’s the ISERMAL silicone sealing tape. It’s made of high quality silicone rubber. It’s self fusing. And it [...]

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