This tape worked amazingly well on a leak at the junction of a copper pipe and a dielectric union. The location was more difficult than a leak on a straight pipe, but it worked extremely well. Obviously it is meant for a temporary repair, especially if the leak is on the interior of a building.


This ‘tape’ does not use adhesive. Instead, it fuses to itself over time (I never really timed it, but it seems fused pretty solid in a few hours), more or less turning into a solid mass that does not seem to loosen or unravel at all over time, at least not as far as I can tell.
Pricey, compared to standard vinyl tape, so use it only where you need it, unless you are the type where money is no object. If you don’t wind it too ‘thick’ it will flex pretty well, when wrapped around a garden hose as an example. I have a garden hose to patch when it warms up, and if it seals it completely, I may come back, and raise my rating to 5 stars.


We are using it on our electric pump hose for iSUPs. So far it has worked great. the hose gets really hot and this keeps the pices together.
I really do recommend this.
We did take the recommendation from other reviews of the pump