When setting up a custom fishing rod and reel, many people overlook the reel seat. The seat is where the reel fastens to the rod itself. Sensitivity and being able to detect a strike is necessary to successfully land a big catch. Protect your investment and improve comfort for fishing all day without sacrificing sensitivity.
1. Ensure that the fishing rod and reel are located in the desired position.

2. Wrap around the top and bottom of the reel using any color of Isermal self-fusing silicone tape. All colors of silicone tape will work equally as well for this project. Check out a wide range of colors in our Miracle Wrap 6 Classic Pack.

3. Wrap the tape four-five more times until the reel seat is secure yet still maintains its flexibility.

Customize your reel seat without the hassle! If you are not 100% satisfied with your project, it can be easily removed with any blade. It comes off cleanly and will not ruin your fishing rod with residue like an traditional electrical or duct tape would.

With Isermal Tape’s wide range of colors, you can customize your fishing rod to your liking. Common color combinations include red, white, and blue tape .