I’ve been fascinated by a product called silicone sealing tape since I first came across it several years ago at a boat show.

It is branded under lots of names including “Atomic Tape”, “Rescue Tape”, “Tommy Tape”, “Stretch & Seal” and lots of others.

In theory, it creates a bond not with adhesive, but simply by being stretched as it is wrapped around itself.  Some manufacturers claim that it will stand up to as much as 700 psi of pressure while creating an airtight & waterproof seal.

Silicone self fusing tape was originally created for military use but now has lots of civilian and business applications.

This seal is created when the stretching of the tape causes ingredients in the silicone to activate and bond to layers of tape above and below it rather than to the item to which it is being attached.  The waterproof/airproof  seal is created as the tape contracts on itself.

You can see self fusing silicone tape in use here.

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