• Save Time: Use Repair Tape to hold irregular shapes instead of clamps or vice-grips. The non-adhesive formula leaves no sticky residue.
• Reduce Stress: A quick fix during emergency repairs, Repair Tape is waterproof, weatherproof, and air tight.
• Save Money: Insulate and protect around the house and minimize the need for emergency repairs.
• Reduce Hassle: Waterproof and insulate wire connections with no extra equipment or heat required.

• Non-Stick – Repair Tape fuses only to itself when applied under tension. No sticky residue remains on wrapped surfaces.
• Flexible – Operates and remains flexible from -60°F (-51°C) to 500°F (260°C).
• Strong – Stretches up to 300% its original length with 60 ppi tear strength.
• Durable – A permanent air & water tight seal, Repair Tape has excellent UV Resistance.
• Secure – Repair Tape begins to bond immediately on contact with itself. Repositioning is not recommended after 2 minutes of contact, and the bond is permanent within 24 hours.