Through the years, we have been using glue, sealant, grout, electric welding to repair broken pipe, hose with leakage, plumbing with holes, cracking ducts.

12 years ago, ISERMAL started to learn there’s a new idea for repairing. It’s the ISERMAL silicone sealing tape. It’s made of high quality silicone rubber. It’s self fusing. And it repairs the broken pipe instantly.

From that moment on, ISERMAL people have been studying the tape and introducing it to the market, trying to let more and more people know this instant but easy repairing idea.

There’re also a lot of great brands selling and distributing the same product. e.g. Rescue tape, Tommy tape etc. ISERMAL tape is not as famous as those brands due to less commercial advertisement and ISERMAL targets itself as an OEM vendor.

Now, we are trying to have more connection with the market and anyone who is looking for a reliable supplier with substantial qualified silicone rubber self fusing tape (silicone sealing tape) shall have a contact with ISERMAL. We know this tape very well and it’s very important that we’re able to produce it. ISERMAL supplies the tape directly based on professional and flexible manufacturing service, we customize colors, sizes, packages etc. Whatever you think and want the tape to be? ISERMAL helps you fulfill it.