Washing machine and arrival today, my interest abundant the washing machine rearranged into the balcony only to find the outlet hose than the real need shorter, but go to the hardware store to buy half a metre hose connection to extend.

But the new problems appeared, on hand tools can not effectively solve the hose is connected between the leakage problem, whether I am with electrical tape or transparent adhesive tape or leucorrhoea or is coated with sealant, the problem still exists, leak sealing!
But I am not giving up, still looking for a solution! Suddenly flashes as well try Isermal silicone rubber self-fusing tape insulation, according to online introduction Essen insulation waterproof tape has good ductility, through the tape’s own fusion and only and their integration into a single piece of silica gel and achieve sealing effect. It can closely combined with a variety of pipe material, even if the motion is can also be closely combined without loosening.
Hold a try for Isermal silicone rubber self-fusing tape, indeed, hose leakage problems be smoothly done or easily solved! My daughter’s clothes no longer to my hand wash, but also to avoid the balcony of my due to leakage and become a swimming pool, the liberation of hands and let me sleep at ease!
Thank you very much for Isermal silicone rubber self-fusing tape, you are not only ordinary tape, you are a multi-purpose tool! The myriads of changes!