If a telecommunications cable is damaged affecting a repair can incur considerable time and cost. Isermal Silicone Self-fusing Repair Tape can save a cable from being replaced, making it a low cost yet highly effective repair.
Damage is normally accidental rather than due to age, however fixing a cable is always expensive. With development and growth comes the need to expand networks, and this expansion requires engineers to get into manholes and pull new cables through old ducts. Minor damage is often caused by standing on existing cables, moving old joints, and from friction burns when a rope melts through the jacket of another cable already in a duct.
If minor damaged is ignored, a major problem occurs – normally after the first heavy rain. To help combat this problem the telecommunications industry employ compressors, in exchanges, to pump air through the cables. Instead of water rushing into the cracked or damaged cable, the air flowing out protects the cable even if it is submersed. This is an effective solution, but if the air leaks out in too many places, pressure will be lost and the cable will flood with water and fail.
Isermal Silicone Self-fusing Repair Tape is tested and approved as a cable jointing method. It is also an ideal solution for fixing these damaged cables before a fault occurs, which would lead to an expensive repair.
A job that could require a new cable, road works, temporary supply, and even several teams employed at costly times, can be replaced by one engineer with one roll of Isermal Silicone Self-fusing RubberRepair Tape. Expanded across a network, this will result in real savings