Isermal Tape an easy shortcut in some situations

When I opened the box I was disappointed at how small a roll of tape I had bought. But when I first found a use for it, I became a believer. This stuff is great to have around. I have a leaky irrigation hose. I could either make a project of digging it up and [...]

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Isermal Tape Zero interruption Water leak repair

The time it takes to turn off the flow can result in unnecessary water damage. Isermal Silicone Self-fusing Rubber Tape  has the strength and fusion to stop a relatively high pressure leak in full flow! Solder joints, push fit connectors, waste pipes and hoses, can all start to leak with age, movement, or extreme weather. [...]

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Excellent repair tape where adhesives are inconvenient.

Needed something to fix the padded handle on my lawnmower. Tried tennis racket tape but it just got sticky in a few uses. A friend recommended the Isermal Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape and it's amazing. Zero adhesive means zero sticky. The tape is self-adhering, just stretch it a bit and bingo it binds to itself. That [...]

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Best you can get for pipe and hose fixes

Great stuff. Far superior to duct tape in applications where wrapping I'd involved. Such as hoses or pipes etc. Fixed my kitchen drain pipe and it holds perfectly. Wrap your radiator hoses in a layer of this stuff and you'll never need to worry about them again, and it's far less pricey than buying straight [...]

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