How did I go so many years without this stuff in my shop, or in my car, or in my backpack? Every day I think of new ways to use this stuff…. for instance, today – I was filling a small spray bottle with bug repellent for my backpack, and I was concerned about the top coming unscrewed slightly causing a potential leak. Well, I pulled out my clear version of this same tape, and wrapped it around the top where it screws on, now I am confident it will hold.
Yesterday, my weedeaters foam grip was cracking splitting – out comes the black Silicone tape to the rescue to provide a new grip for the handle. The day before, my tent pole plastic end cap was not staying on the pole, again, Silicone tape to the rescue.
Then, when I was weedeating my lawn, I noticed my trusty outdoor electrical cord took a hit with either the weedeater or hedger, and had a couple of chunks of the outer sheathing missing. I used my Isermal Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape (in the Red color to match the cord ;-)) and it has been holding for weeks and about 4 uses, I don’t see why it won’t hold for a very long time.
Next, both my backpacking and camping tent poles have vinyl or plastic ends on the poles – and after time these loosen up, want to come off and worse yet get lost! Well, not only does Isermal Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape fuse the tent pole ends to the pole, it also reinforces them and makes them stronger and more durable…
And then the big test – my garden hose had a pin-hole leak in it, and I applied this tape to it. The key is to make sure you extend the tape on either side of the hole by a few inches (I did three inches on each side of the hole) – and then make sure you stretch the tape very well and evenly around the hose. Also, make sure the hose is on a flat surface, and try to avoid flexing / bending the hose while taping, keep it as straight as possible. Also, give it at least two windings (not just one). It is working fine, if there are any issues I will update.
You get it. This stuff is amazing. Once you wind it on itself it sticks like white on rice. Its resiliency is quite good – it is very tough and it will not come unwound unless you intentionally start to pull on the seam. Then, it will rip instead of lose its contact… it is that sticky to itself.
The list goes on…. like I said, I keep finding more uses for it daily.
I would say just get a roll, and keep it around. You will be amazed at the number of applications this stuff will satisfy…. an easy five star!!